Our purpose is to improve the value of data and digital communications as tools for promoting international development and green growth.  

Dual Citizen was founded in 2010 amidst a global economy in turmoil. Besides the financial crisis, digital technologies continued to disrupt information flows while data were proliferating more rapidly than ever. Governments were allocating money and attention to new models of "green growth" that aimed to decouple economic growth from increases in carbon emissions. People, knowledge and data were moving faster than ever in real-time, across borders and more independently from the usual intermediaries of government or the mainstream media.

These developments presented tremendous opportunities for our clients but no clear roadmap for taking advantage of them. Our vision for the Dual Citizen practice is as a trusted link between our clients and these new opportunities: To empower our clients to leverage data and communications to advance their missions; to guide them on navigating new digital landscapes in a brand-appropriate language; and to advise them on identifying analytic tools and technological innovations to realize their strategic objectives.

We designed this website to present more detail on how we deliver this purpose in practice. Explore how we bring unique people and perspectives to our work through our founder and strategic advisor network; how we work with clients and partners on consulting engagements; why we publish the Global Green Economy Index™ (GGEI) and the distinctive value it brings to the topic; how we approach understanding linkages between carbon emission reductions and the broader economy; and speaking engagements around the world sharing this knowledge with our partners.

We hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback.